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Shanean Michelle Anderson, DDS

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Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest

Dr. Shanean Michelle Anderson founded Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest in January 2013 with a passion for dentisry and belief that the patient comes first.  Her gentle nature and care for people are evident when patients meet her and arrive for their very first appointment.  One of Dr. Anderson's earliest childhood memories is of her dental hygienist telling her to brush better.  Growing up in Edward, North Carolina, a small town at the mouth of the Pamilico Sound, Dr. Anderson's mom encouraged good oral hygiene and dental care for her three children.  They were never allowed to miss a preventative appointment.  Their childhood dentist is still a family friend who has since retired and passed his dental practice onto his son.

As a teen, Dr. Anderson had acne, big glasses, and braces all at once and vividly remembers the day her braces came off and the contact lens became the "in" thing among teenagers.  In her grandmother's home, at the end of a long hallway that she and her siblings ran down as fast as they could daily, was a big mirror.  Upon removal of her braces, Dr. Anderson ran down that hall and stopped at that mirror, smiled, and admired her straight teeth for the first time.  At that instance, she knew she wanted to be a dentist.

Upon graduating  valedictorian from high school, she thought she would attend college at East Carolina University , which was closer to home.  Her mother, on the other hand, wanted her to use the scholarships she was offered to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill .  Not excited about the school or the dorm, she sat in the car while her mom unloaded her stuff and decorated her room.  Her mom told her to get out of the car, wished her luck, and advised her to only come home to visit, not to stay for good.  Looking back, it was the nudge she needed to set her on a road to scholastic success.  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill became the disney land of universities for Dr. Anderson.  If you could dream it, it was there!  If you didn't dream it, you would later because you became introduced to it!  She describes it as a place where you could truly discover what you liked and did not like and walk the narrow road of success.

During her sophomore year, Dr. Anderson met a third year dental student when she got lost on campus looking for the dental school to get more infomration about taking the dental admissions test.  That student gave her some valuable advice:  the best students in her dental classes were dental hygienist prior to entering dental school.  They quickly mastered the hand skills necessary to be dentist, she told her.

Dr. Anderson, with her drive to always be the best, immediately went to register for the dental hygiene program at UNC and filled out the application in the parking lot as it was the last day for enrollment.  She also applied for a job as an assistant in the Univeristy's Pediatric Dentistry Department.  She got into the dental hygiene program and she got the job (which at times consisted of grading the test papers of the dental students) and in 2003, Dr. Anderson earned a bachelor's of science degree in dental hygiene.  She began working as a dental hygienist for a dental staffing agency and at the same time prepared to apply for dental school.  In 2005, she was accepted into the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry with a full scholarship.  While in dental school, she provided dental screenings, cleanings, and fillings to underprivideged populations in addition to her coursework and patient load.  She also volunteered to make mouthguards for elementary and middle school athletes on sports teams in her spare time.

Dr. Anderson earned her doctorate degree in dental surgery in 2009 and worked with the Department of Veteran Affairs shortly after to gain additional training in anesthesia, internal medicine, and additional surgeries.  She entered private practice in 2010 and became the president/owner of Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest in 2013.  Now, Dr. Anderson spends her time enjoying her relationships with her patients and diagnosing and treating their dental health care needs.  Dr. Anderson continues to be involved in community events within the Triangle such as serving on free dental buses and speaking engagements.  She also devotes her time to various continuing education courses narrowing her focus to courses that give her additional training in cosmetic and restorative practices, implantology, orthodontics, and periodontics.

She is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and serves on the Victorious Community Development Corporation and the Miller Mount Advisory Board .  She recenly served on the Downtown Wake Forest Board of Directors, Inc .

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