By Shanean Michelle Anderson, DDS, PA
March 19, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Restore your smile with tooth colored fillings. In addition to blending in with your natural teeth, tooth colored fillings strengthen teeth that fillingshave been weakened by infection and decay. Everyday biting and chewing functions can be painful when teeth are weak and sensitive. Tooth colored fillings restore weakened teeth so they can function normally again. At Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest, Dr. Shanean Anderson is your Wake Forest, NC, dentist for tooth colored fillings.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are color matched to your existing teeth so they blend in without making it obvious you have dental fillings. In the past, amalgam fillings were the only option for filling teeth with cavities. Since those fillings were silver colored, they were readily noticeable to others. With tooth colored fillings, other people will not notice your dental fillings. Tooth colored fillings are made from a resin material. Once the filling is in place, your Wake Foreest, NC, dentist dries the fillings with a special light until an exact color matched is achieved.

Restoring Your Smile

Tooth colored fillings restore your smile in several ways. When teeth become infected, they begin to decay and can become weak and sensitive. Biting into and chewing food can be painful. Tooth colored fillings help restore your smile by strengthening weak teeth so biting and chewing functions can continue. Once the infection and decay are cleaned out of the problem tooth, filling the space in with a tooth colored filling prevents additional infection or decay from developing. The filling also makes the tooth whole again so normal functioning can resume.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

A major benefit of tooth colored fillings appreciated by many patients is how discreet they are. Since the fillings are colored matched to your teeth, they blend in easily and look like part of the natural tooth. In addition to the cosmetic benefit of blending in, tooth colored fillings may also be safer than traditional silver amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. There is some concern about the possible risk of mercury exposure with amalgam fillings. Since tooth colored fillings are made from a resin material, there is no risk of exposure to mercury.

Tooth colored fillings restore your smile by strengthening teeth weakened by infection and decay. Plus, they have the added benefit of blending in since they are color matched to your teeth. To schedule an appointment for tooth colored fillings with Dr. Anderson, your Wake Forest, NC, dentist, call Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest at (919) 825-1795.