By Shanean Michelle Anderson, DDS, PA
May 23, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

A yellow smile doesn’t have to become the new norm. We can revitalize your smile.teeth whitening

When you walk down the aisle in a couple weeks you want to have a smile that matches your dress. Nothing is worse than noticing that your teeth aren’t exactly as white as they once were. Don’t worry; our Wake Forest, NC, cosmetic dentist Dr. Shanean Anderson can fix this with professional teeth whitening.

If you want results fast then it’s time you considered getting in-office teeth whitening. Unlike the at-home whitening treatments you may be using, the professional chairside whitening system our Wake Forest, NC, dentist uses also contains a much stronger bleaching agent than anything you’ll find at your local drugstore. Through safe, effective and fully monitored treatment, we can help you shed those stains and see brilliant results right away.

Who is a good candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Most people who are dealing with yellow or brown stains caused by smoking, aging and eating certain foods can benefit from what professional teeth whitening can offer. Of course, yellow stains are often much easier to whiten and will get faster and more visible results. Depending on the severity of your stains, our Wake Forest, NC, general dentist could get your smile up to eight shades whiter.

Of course, there are some stains that even our strong whitening system won’t be able to treat. These stains are due to trauma, antibiotic use or being exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride (a condition known as fluorosis).

If you are dealing with any tooth or gum sensitivity, this is an issue we will want to fully check out to make sure that decay or gum disease is not the culprit. If you have a healthy smile then we will decide whether there are any steps you need to take prior to your treatment to reduce the likelihood that sensitivity will get worse. While sensitivity can occur during and after whitening, the effects are usually minimal and go away in a few days.

Don’t let dental stains ruin your big day. Whether you want a whiter smile for your wedding day or just to boost your confidence, Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest is here to ensure that you get the results that keep you smiling.