By Shanean Michelle Anderson, DDS, PA
August 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   crowns  

Dental CrownWhat's the best restoration for a poorly shaped or sick tooth which has deep decay or thin enamel? it's the dental crown, a jacket of beautiful porcelain which covers remaining tooth structure from the gum line and up. At Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest, Dr. Shanean Michelle Anderson is the dentist who crafts lifelike crowns, restoring great smile aesthetics and functionality.

Dental crowns help smiles

Preventive dental services keep teeth and gums healthy. Life happens, though, and sometime a tooth suffers damage from a blow to the mouth, multiple fillings or congenital defect (passed through the genes or from environmental factors before birth). When a substantial amount of tooth enamel above the gums is compromised, your dentist at Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest often recommends a dental crown to cover, support, and beautify the tooth. Crowns eliminate the need for extraction and preserve your smile's strength and appearance.

The treatment

Oral examination and X-rays confirm if a crown is right for your tooth. Dentistry IQ says that the typical American dental practice places around 13 crowns per month. That's because dentists see great value in preserving natural tooth structure and avoiding the bone and gum tissue loss which come with removing even a single tooth. So, if Dr. Anderson advises crown placement, you know it's a tried and true restoration which both oral health providers and patients rely on.

To begin the treatment, Dr. Anderson will numb your tooth and carefully shape your tooth to receive the crown. Also, she'll take oral impressions--either digitally or with special putty--which will assist the dental lab in fabricating your crown from realistic, high-quality ceramic. The dentist will cover your tooth with a temporary restoration to protect the tooth until your new crown is ready.

At your next appointment, Dr. Anderson will remove the temporary crown and cement the new one in place, ensuring it has proper bite, size, and color to blend in with neighboring teeth. When you brush, floss, and keep your semi-annual appointments at Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest. Your crown can last ten years or even more!

Other uses for crowns

Today's porcelain crowns have wider applications than ever before. Besides restoring failing teeth, crowns secure fixed bridgework (replacing one, two or even more teeth in a row). They finish dental implants, the titanium tooth replacements which are incredibly durable, lifelike and good for your jaw bone and gums. Crowns often finish root canal therapy which removes damaged pulp from deep inside a tooth, healing infection and preserving healthy tooth structure.

Get the help you need

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